Fall 2010 Trends

I just read the Fall 2010 Trend Report on Style.com.

I am very happy to see 50's fashions on the report. Although I wasn't alive during that period or fortunate to wear the clothes, I am happy to see they are back so maybe while history is repeating itself I'll be able to benefit from the look this time around. The clothes were just so classy and sophisticated back then. I love the pencil skirts and hourglass silhouettes. So feminine and beautiful.

As for the fur on the report. That does nothing for me. I'm not a fan of real or fake fur. I love animals way too much to adorn myself with one or a faux one for that matter. I'm also not too pumped about the menswear inspired clothes.

Last but not least...I dig the big wrap sweaters. I love getting lost in big, fat, snugly warm sweaters. Maybe that's because I spend my winters in the cold Midwest. ...Not sure.

Read more on the trends this season at:

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