My first project with Silvia

I sat down with Silvia (my sewing machine) the other day. And it didn't go very well. In fact I spent more time ripping seams then sewing because I couldn't understand the directions so I kept doing it wrong over and over again.

Since this was my first project I sought out to find a beginner sewing project. I thought I had found the perfect one on Martha Stewart's website - but clearly I was wrong.

It was for this cute little reversible purse.

I read and re-read the directions countless times before I began. This project also had a video tutorial so I thought for sure I would be able to figure it out. I still don't know where I went wrong, but as I write this blog entry, the bag sits next to me, incomplete in a wadded up ball. You can only rip seams for so long before you get fed up.

That's where I'm at now. Fed up - but not giving up.

I found another reversible bag online that I am going to try. It looks very similar to the one I have started - but the directions look a little more clear. ...Maybe I'll be able to finish the second project and in the process figure out where I went wrong with the first bag.

Click HERE for the instructions.

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