My weekend project

This is what Silvia and I made over the weekend. ...And if you've been following my blog you're probably thinking that looks strangely familiar. If you thought that then pat yourself on the back. You are correct. It is the same pattern as the bag that I made my Mom for her birthday. Only difference besides the print of course, is that this time I followed the directions a little more closely and actually cut the straps to the dimensions that the pattern called for. ...Therefore I have myself a nice little reversible shoulder bag. The one I made my mom ended up being a hand bag since I cut the straps too short. I had some leftover fabric so made a little matching cellphone case with a matching button.

Since I made this bag once before you would think that I breezed through this one, but that was not the case. :( I kept making a stupid mistake while sewing the strap. After re-reading the directions for the twentieth time it finally clicked. When you're stuck in a mistake it stinks, but sometimes the mistakes can be great lessons and I think that was the case with this one. I was mentally jammed long enough, that when I go to make this bag again...I don't see how I could fall back into the strap-trap that I was in.

I still have a lot of other patterns that I want to try and if I ever figure out zippers and buttons....then I'll have a hay day. For now, it's still the basics, but the basics are good projects to help me fine tune my skills.


  1. Aunt Shirley10/26/2010

    Nice job, Tiff! Glad you and Sylvia were able to work things out! :)

  2. Anonymous10/26/2010

    You go girl. This is good looking bag. Can you bring to the store next time? I love the pattern. Helen.


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