Obsession Confession: Craft store coupons

I'm thrify. Remember? I admitted that last week.
....so today I would like to confess that I'm obsessed with craft store coupons. So obsessed, that I made two trips to Hobby Lobby on Monday. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy, but you can only use those fabulous 40% off coupons on one item and I needed two things...so I just went back later.

With my new sewing hobby, my car makes frequent stops at craft stores so I will take all the savings I can get. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that. Who doesn't love a discount?

Today's agenda:
A trip back to Hobby Lobby and a quick stop at JoAnn's too.
(I happen to have a coupon for both.)

You can get your own coupon HERE!


  1. I love coupons! Anytime I plan on going shopping, I try to think about what stores I'm going to and then I google coupons to print out. It really helps out! Several times I have saved way more than I spent!

  2. Aunt Shirley10/29/2010

    I SO with you, Tiffany! YOU GO GIRL! Proud of your thriftiness!


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