Sewing class update

As promised I said I would report back after our class. As it turns out, I don't have any pictures to show you. I think this class has the potential to be informative, but today my skill level exceeded the materials that were covered in the course.

The instructor was good. She has a curriculum that she is following so she is starting with the assumption that students don't know anything. That is a good starting point if you truly haven't touched foot on a sewing petal. I am by no means an advanced sewer! I would still consider myself a beginner, but I have the basics down pat. I have specific things that I want to learn. Ideally, I would just like to pay for someone to teach me those things. This is a four week course and after that you can pay the instructor for the one on one time. I just want to jump to the one on one time.

I think I went into my class today with my hopes set high, so I left feeling a little disappointed. I try not to have expectations for this very reason, but sometimes I just can't help it. I have to do some thinking between today and next week. Do I stick with it, or do Silvia and I look elsewhere? One thing is for sure - We're NOT giving up. If only I could remember what I paid big bucks to learn in college...then I wouldn't be in this unfortunate predicament.


  1. Anonymous10/26/2010

    I want to go to a sewing class! I think it's so fun to learn how to do new things. I'm trying lots of new classes lately (ballet, indian cooking, a FACIAL class...) I should add sewing to my list.


  2. Anonymous11/06/2010

    i like ur blog!!



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