Coffee Talks: Lindsay Lohan

 Photo Credit: Maciel-Campos/X17

What's that she's drinking?  Coffee?  Could it be?  Let's hope that Lohan trades her crack addiction for a caffeine habit.  It's a much healthier substitution for the "bottle"...or the drugs...or whatever she's been on.  I haven't been following her too closely these days.  I lost track when she was in court...in jail....in rehab...back in jail.  Way too hard to keep up with her. 

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11/18/2010

    Hey girly! OMG that is totally what I am dressing up as next Halloween! Joan on Mad Men!!
    Do you have pics from when you guys dressed up?
    As for LL, she is a mess, I gave up on her and Britney Spears! They need help!
    Have fab friday tomorrow!


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