Moving on up...

I'm not moving to the East side...but I am moving my "sewing studio" to a room upstairs in my house.  My husband couldn't take all my stuff sprawled out across our living room floor anymore, and I can't blame him.  ...So this past weekend, my husband, mom and I headed to IKEA (I love that place.) and we found a sewing table for Silvia.  Thanks Mom, for the early Christmas present.

Such an improvement from the "tv-tray"...that was previously situated in my living room!

I'm so excited.  I hope to stay this organized.  I just can't wait to sit down with Silvia for a test drive.  I have a feeling it's going to be fabulous!

I also have a handy sewing seat with built-in storage that my mom gave me.  I just need to recover it and then the "sewing studio" will be complete!

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