Oh Silvia!

...I recently sat down with Silvia & together we created a few homemade (with lots of love) gifts.  Pretty much everything I've made is stuff that I've already made & posted about before, but I keep making these things because:  1. They're good gifts and 2. It's great practice for me!

Some bibs for my friends baby boy.
A bag for my neighbor friend's birthday.
My signature "TAB".
Now, I really want to keep this next bag because I happen to LOVE Elvis.  ...Which is why four years ago, I hired an Elvis impersonator to perform at my Wedding reception.  Sure, it's a little cheese-ball.  But, I'm ok with that.  I'll be giving this bag to someone who also has a strong appreciation for "The King".
A bag for a client who is the biggest Elvis fan ever.
My signature "TAB".


  1. I love the Elvis bag! I want one too! :-) I've been begging Jeff to take a trip to Memphis. I think we might be taking the trip this summer.

  2. Thanks Erica! Graceland is so much fun! ...and the Memphis BBQ is D-lish! :)


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