Oh Silvia!

The adventures in sewing continues with Silvia.  This week, I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried a new pattern.  "Big deal" you're thinking, right?......but let me remind you that I'm still learning - so it is a big deal!  ...And when I try new patterns there is a HUGE risk of something going horribly wrong.  I lucked out however, and didn't run into anything too challenging - and there was very little seam ripping involved. (That is always a plus.)  I choose to view this as a positive sign.  Perhaps a sign that I'm graduating from my own self taught School of Beginning Sewing for Dummies.  ...Or perhaps, I just chose a pattern that was well illustrated with very well written - step by step instructions.  Something new for me, that I hadn't ever done before was the boxed corners at the bottom of the bag.  I love learning new things!

Monday, I had a girls night out with some neighbor friends to celebrate two birthdays, so these little bags were my gifts for my friends.  The second bag is actually the same fabric for another bag I made recently, but it was a different style.



  1. Aunt Shirley12/29/2010

    These are FANTASTIC, Tiff! And I LOVE your Label! YOU GO GIRL! You and Silvia seem to be making GREAT PROGRESS! :) I MISS YOU, DOLL! :(

  2. Aunt Shirley12/29/2010

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Well Thank you, Thank you. :) I miss you too. :(

  4. So cute, Tiff You're Amazing!


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