Frothy Friday: Coconut Iced Coffee

This week's yummy Frothy Friday coffee creation was found at: The Creative Pot.  The one thing that jumped out at me when I found this recipe was the word Coconut.  I can't help it, but every time I hear the word coconut....my mind drifts to a happy place.  A sunny, warm, sandy, place where the aromas of coconuts and the smell of the sea dance in my head.  Given that my town was just hit with the eighth snowfall of the season, I will take anything I can get that makes me think of warmer climates & today...this is it!  Marisa at The Creative Pot is the genius behind this drink.  Go check out her website!  She has a lot of other recipes that I want to try.  Some fun exotic stuff.  Enjoy!

So here's the simple How-Tos for the Coconut Iced Coffee:

Coconut Iced Coffee
A Creative Pot original

Serves 1

If you really can't bring yourself to use instant coffee, brew a pot of triple strength coffee and use a few tablespoons of that as the base of this iced coffee instead.

2 tsp good-quality instant coffee (I like Jacobs)

2 1/2 tsp sugar

2 tbsp boiling water

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

1/4 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup ice cold water

1/2 cup cold milk

a few ice cubes

1. Add coffee granules, sugar and boiling water to a glass, stirring until the coffee and sugar has dissolved.

2. Add coconut milk and vanilla essence, stirring to fully incorporate it into the coffee mixture. 

3. Top up with cold water and cold milk, add a few ice cubes and there you have it. See, told you, easy as pie.

 Don't be tempted to add the last few ingredients in any old order - the coconut milk will not properly mix in if added after the cold water and milk. For some reason it needs some heat to work its magic. This bit of info is brought to you by:  Bitter Experience.

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