It's Sew Saturday...

It's Sew Saturday and that is a wonderful thing!  I had some scrap fabric leftover from two Elvis bags that I've made recently.  I made the Elvis bags for other people, but since I too love Elvis, I decided that I needed to make something for myself with the fabric...so I did just that - and it's a good thing that it's for me, because it's far from perfect and definitely not worthy of gifting it to anyone.  I won't bore you with the imperfections...but here are the after shots.  It's a small bag...maybe a good size to hold some jewelry on a trip, or maybe some make-up brushes.

 Another project I made today...which I happen to love, was this little wristlet/clutch.  For the first time ever, I created my own pattern, but apparently I didn't really know what I was doing, and as a result the pleats don't line up right from front to back at the bottom.  It's not terrible, & I might be the only that would notice.  I'm just having fun sewing with zippers.  ...And now that I have 100 zippers...it's good to find some reasons to use them! 


  1. Anonymous2/12/2011

    100 zippers? You have to teach me to sew with zippers. I want to make cute little bags too! We need to set up a sewing date in your town or mine. When do we exchange knowledge? I'm ready for a new sewing machine...mine is old and doesn't have all of the new gadgets! Happy Valentines Day to you! Love ya, Sandy

  2. Sandy, I would love a sew date! That would be so much fun. You know way more than me! I have very little knowledge to bring to the table. :( ...But I am getting better. I have some hits and misses - but I guess you'll have that when you're learning. ;) I'm having so much fun though. I love it.

  3. Aunt Shirley3/01/2011

    These are adorable, Tiff! You are AMAZING, Sweetheart. I'm glad you and Silvia are having SO much fun together, and I LOVE seeing what you are producing!

    Sure do miss you!


  4. Thanks! Happy March Aunt Shirley! Have a great day! Love you!


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