My weekend project

My weekend sewing begin with a project that bombed on me, so the challenge then was to carefully examine what I had and decide if there is any other potential good that could possibly come out of it.  I bought this really cute fabric and thought it would make a great burp cloth.  Not that I do a lot of burp ups nor do I have children that do, but in my journey of learning how to sew, it seemed like a simple enough project to tackle.

So here is the burp cloth "that was, but is no more":

So I scratched my head, rubbed my chin...and then it came to me.  It's amazing what some fabric, rice, and essential oils can do....

Voila.  After the examination was over, I decided I would turn it into a therapeutic heat pack.
...A strange bypass from the original burp cloth, but the result turned out fabulous.  Here we now have a lovely lavender scented heat pack to spot treat all of my aches and pains.

Just a quick toss in the microwave and this baby is toasty warm and the aroma of lavender is bellowing out.  I'm so glad I didn't give up and toss it in the trash.

...ahhhTime to R - E - L - A - X!


  1. Aunt Shirley1/09/2011

    VERY IMPRESSIVE, Tiff! How Creative AND Resourceful! SO PROUD OF YOU! Hope you don't have TOO many aches and pains!

    You and Sylvia seem to be doing well together! :)

    Luv U! :)

  2. Great idea Tiffany! I must try!

  3. Yes, Silvia and I are doing great. I don't have too many aches and pains...just my dang hip. :(


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