Silvia and I Get Technical

Yes, you heard right.  My lean, mean, sewing machine: Silvia and I got technical alright.  Together, we created this fabulous little laptop sleeve.  Fully constructed with all of the appropriate padding to keep it snug & secure.  She's a dandy!  ...It's a perfect fit, but it doesn't match my lovely purple macbook cover, so I guess I won't be keeping it. Oh-well.

Everytime I make something new, my husband / #1 Fan gets excited and says:
"That's awesome.  What are you going to do with it?  Are you going to sell it?"

...and my response,(when it isn't a gift for someone) is always:
"Well, I'll keep it of-course." 

He says I need to start selling my stuff inorder to support my habit - I mean hobby.  Well, maybe someday.  ...But for now...I look at every project as more, needed practice.  I just hope  the saying: "practice makes perfect" is true!


  1. Aunt Shirley1/13/2011

    Nice Job, Girls! You and Silvia are really moving along, hon. Glad you are enjoying it so much and that Jeff likes what you do. How SWEET!

  2. Anonymous1/16/2011

    Super cute laptop sleeve!! Such a fun blog to pop in & read!


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