Hello February!

Yesterday we/I kissed January goodbye.  In a way, I'm glad it's over.  It brings us one month closer to Spring, which in my opinion can't get here soon enough.  Last night my town was hit with another winter storm.  Yes, this makes nine storms so far this year.  This storm brought a blanket of ice and according to the meteorologists, it's not over.  They are predicting an even bigger one to come later today.  It's no secret that I love coffee - hence the name of my blog, so as long as my house is fully stocked with coffee beans, I'll be in good shape.  As I write this post, I have a steamy, warm cup sitting next to me.  It's the perfect pick me up on a sad, snowy day like today.

That being said, I'm ready for February.  Aside from all the ridiculously, cheesy jewelry store commercials, there is something special about February.  I love the pretty pink and red in all the stores and I might be imagining it, but it feels like the days are noticeably getting longer.  I'm currently wrapping up some big design projects and as a freelance graphic designer, you never know what projects are around the corner.  Just when I think I'm caught up, I get slammed with more work.  This is not a bad thing because it pays the bills and I really enjoy doing it.  I am just hoping to get some good quality sewing time this month with Silvia.  I really want to sit down and work on my seat cover for my sewing stool.  It's the only missing piece for my "sewing studio".  There are a lot of other fun things I want to make.  I just need the time.  Last night, since it was sleeting, I refused to leave the house to go watch my husband's basketball game across town.  Instead, I stayed in and made this little clutch with some leftover fabric I had from a couple of other bags I've made.  I even created a little pocket on the inside.  Perfect for my cellphone or some lipstick.

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  1. It's not just you..the days are getting longer! :)
    2 minutes more of daylights a day since Dec. 21!
    I'm a total nerd..I have been calculating...Spring cannot get here soon enough..the winter is making us all cray!


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