Short Catwalk

Naturally when you saw Catwalk in the title you probably thought this would be a Fashion/Runway related post.  As we approach Fashion Week there will be plenty of those posts to come.

I hate to disappoint, but instead this post is about my furry feline.  I don't have children to boast about, so I just take pictures of my cat.  I am equally as obsessed with Vera my cat as a parent is to a child.  Don't judge me, but I have actually questioned whether or not I could possibly love my own child (if I had one) as much as I love her.

Vera loves being outdoors but the weather isn't permitting it.  She worked up the courage to step out the door, took a short "catwalk" and came back inside.  It makes me wander what she's thinking.  I snapped a few photos simply because I think that everything she does is adorable.  That's the proud "cat"-parent inside me. 

Later, she resorted back to her "fox-hole". She hibernates under the covers for hours on end - what a difficult life. 

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