Accidental Accessory

Yes....this is another accident that I miraculously turned into something productive! I was trying to make a ruffle, but it ended up being too short. Before I scrapped it - to the trash, I thought what on earth can I do with it now? ...And voila! Here you have it, a pin-cushion for my wrist! I love it so much that I want to wear it as an accessory. That is kind of a joke - but not really.  Don't worry I won't leave the house with it on! I was pretty proud of myself so I shared it with my husband. He didn't understand my joy exactly - I said "they sell these things at craft stores. People buy these".  He said "I know".  Well, regardless of what he thinks...my cup is overflowing with pride - that's all that matters.  It's the little things. (He's a boy - he'll never understand this one!) 


Photo Credit: Refinery 29
Sewing mistakes happen often with me - only twice now I've been able to (In the words of Tim Gunn) "Make it work".   Click HERE to read my other sewing mishap/transformation.

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  1. Aunt Shirley3/02/2011

    And you've DONE IT AGAIN, Doll! VERY IMPRESSIVE! I LOVE that you think things through before you toss a what you perceive "failed" project. This is ADORABLE and PRACTICAL! Good for you, Sweetie! OH ... and Silvia, OF COURSE!

    Have a GREAT Day! LUV U!


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