Sew & Tell: Houston We Have A Problem!

It's been a little while since I've posted a "Sew & Tell".  That's because I've been busing sewing.  ...And - I must say, my infatuation with this sport is growing deeper and deeper with every little stitch!  So much that I couldn't pull myself away from Silvia to share all my new goodies!  ...But Houston help!  I keep making stuff that I love - and I dread the idea of letting go of these fabulous little treasures.  I'll cross that bridge when I have to, but I know that with this growing "Collection" - the time will have to come at some point to set it free.  Atleast I'll always have the photos as my memory of their existence.  ...And the hope that someone else out there will grow as attached as I am becoming!  Speaking of photos....here are a few of the newbies!

Front view
Inside view
Coin purses
Coin purse - Inside view
Make-up pouch
(Free Standing - woop-woop!)
Inside view
Inside view
So there you have it - my confessional.  We're in the heart of March Madness - so there is a really strong chance that I'll get some sew-time in this weekend while my husband is planted on the couch watching basketball.  Gorgeous!

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