A Blast From The Past!

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This little vintage sewing machine necklace just got added to The Paisley Tab today.  In case you were wandering, Yes, sewing machines were black - back in the day.  ...And in my opinion, much cooler looking than today's machines.
(Five in stock)
...And, since we're on the subject of vintage sewing machines, I thought I would reminisce a little bit about the cool shop I visited back in December during my trip to New York.  It is called Allsaints Spitalfield.  This store is in several European cities and now in 9 U.S. cities.  It is a really fun shopping experience and the merchandise is great.  All the store fronts and walls are covered in vintage sewing machines.  I was in Heaven!  Actually, it is pretty much the graveyard for old sewing machines.  I guess they all died and went to Allsaints Spitalfied.

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  1. Aunt Shirley4/14/2011

    That is just the CUTEST THING! LOVE your Blog, Sweetie!


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