Channeling Chabby Chic

Let me just start this blog post by expressing how much I appreciate each and every order I get. Last week I had a request from a shopper who saw a bag in The Paisley Tab shop, but was interested in creating a cottage looking feel from the design and wanted to convert it into a wristlet. She was specific in what she was looking for and communicated that to me.  A decisive customer - I  can definitely appreciate that! It certainly makes my life a lot easier!  So, off I went to the store. Following the direction of my shopper, I snatched up some white eyelet fabric and headed home. When I returned home, Silvia (my sewing machine) and I were off and running.  Here is the finished product.  I think it's a perfect accessory for summer don't you?  Is there anything more feminine than white eyelet fabric?  So Sweet!  

I had some leftover fabric, so I made another one similar to this and added it to The Paisley Tab today.  Click HERE to shop!

1 comment:

  1. white is my favorite color, especially in summer. This would match most of my outfits perfectly :)


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