Inspiration Workshop #1: Handmade

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
The Prompt: Handmade
I like a challenge, so I've decided to join others in the craft/blogging world and I'm participating in the Gussy Sews  Inspiration Workshop.  By the way, if you haven't ever been to Gussy Sews  - you must take a detour when you're done reading this and check out her blog and her shop.  Maggie is the creative soul behind Gussy Sews - and she is one talented woman - inspirational too.   This weeks prompt is to blog about something handmade.
Handmade.  I could write about a lot of things, but I've decided to write about the first thing that came to my mind.  ....& that would be potholders.  Random, I know.  ...But take a look at my handmade potholders. They have a story.  I was quite the little crafter when I was a child.  I loved making things.  Art, jewelry, and....yes, potholders.  I made quite a few of these actually.  ...And somehow, these are the only ones that have stuck around with me through time.  Even though I'm in my thirty's now, and have moved around a few times, these potholders have survived all the moves with me.  

Before I tied the knot in 2006, I did what every Bride-to-be does and registered for everything under the sun.  That included new potholders, which I received, still have, and still use.  ...But I think I love these little boogers so much because I poured my heart into them when I was a child.  I can remember making them.  Although they aren't beautiful, I thought they were at the time and was proud of them.  Even though these are old, they're still functional and work great.  Back then, I never imagined I'd be blogging about them today, but I appreciate the opportunity to do so and enjoyed the walk back down memory lane. 

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