Why I'm a Beekeeper

When someone first learns that I'm a beekeeper, 9 times out of 10, their immediate response is "Really?...Why?".  I know people think I'm crazy, that's ok.  I do it because bees are endangered and we would be in serious trouble if we didn't have them.  Besides that, honey is delicious and it provides an abundance of medicinal purposes.  I've been interested in beekeeping for a few years, but this year, I finally decided to dive in and do it.  I'm not the best communicator, so this video probably explains why I am a beekeeper better than I could have said it myself.
Now go rent the movie!


  1. I love bees and honey. You are doing a GREAT job! I've read somewhere that cellphone radiation may be killing bees. I hope someone will detect the right reason and a solution.
    Keep up with this awesome taks!

  2. Thanks Mira! Have a great day!

  3. My parents have bees too!! You go girl! I am so impressed:)

  4. Keeping bees sounds like so much fun! It would be really nice to have my own honey!

  5. Yes! I can't wait for the honey! :)


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