Inspiration Workshop #9: The Beach

I'm participating in the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
The Prompt: The Beach
It's hard to believe that I ever considered myself a sun worshiper.  But sadly, I was.  For quite awhile actually.  Overtime, I started to notice the toll my skin was taking so I have since backed off.  I now have a new appreciation for my very pale skin.  I wish I would've recognized that a long time ago!
So I no longer worship the sun, but I never lost my love for the beach!  I love the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the ocean, the taste of salt on my lips, the yummy smell of coconut sunscreen, and the feeling of sand between my toes.  There is just something so harmonious about The Beach.  ...any beach.  I could sit and watch the waves for hours on end.  The beach has an undeniable peace about it that always leaves me feeling so relaxed.  I have many happy memories from my childhood through my adult life of vacations to the beach.  I am thankful for those getaways and I often find myself reminiscing about those times in the dead of winter.  One thing is for sure.  Going to "The Beach" never gets old!  ....And if I'm lucky, God willing....I will find myself retired with my hubs somewhere near Hanalei Beach on the island of Kauai....someday. 

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  1. Great post! I too was a sun worshiper, and have seen dramatic changes in my skin and I am only 26. I decided I didn't want to look like a leather purse when I was older so I too have stopped. I just have to make sure to lather that sunscreen on!
    I am a new follower of yours :)

  2. Great post. completely agree with you! hope you will follow me back. loving your cute blog xoxo

  3. Love your blog! Checked out your shop and I love that song by Ugly Cassanova!

  4. I love the beach so much! It is one of my favorite things and places in the world! Love the photos! Came over here from Coffee Talk and just love our cute blog.

    Have a terrific weekend!

  5. enjoying this upbeat blog.


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