Inspiration Workshop #12: Front Porch

I'm participating in the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop! 
The Prompt: Front Porch
You can barely see it, but my front porch is situated behind this jungle.  I call my husband a plant hoarder.  He is the "green-thumb" in the family.  He is constantly bringing home more stuff to plant and you can see that in the photo above.  Our backyard is equally as full of plants and flowers, but for this post we're concentrating on the Front Porch.  The front porch is a place my husband and I spend quite a bit of time.  It's relaxing and we can see and visit all of our neighbors from it.  On sunny days we can sit there and stay shaded from the heat.  We sit out here a lot in the evenings while we eat dinner or just to relax with a glass of wine to reflect on our days.  I love our front porch, it's charming and I consider it another room in my home.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. I would spend all my time there too! Hopped from FTLOB

  2. Love the plants in front of the porch, The front porch is very nice, too. What a perfect place to sit and visit with neighbors and relax.

  3. I love flowers and plants. I think your husband did an excellent job! Your porch is very pretty and it does look a wonderful room to relax in. I really enjoy neighborhood activities. Sometimes, it's better than TV! :-D


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