99 Bottles...

{ C o n f e s s i o n }
I love wine.  Red wine to be exact.
My hubby & I drink our wine,  toss our corks in a cute little jar & recycle the bottles when we're done.  We repeat this cycle with each and every newly popped cork.  We recently drove the Pacific Coast Highway and made a two day stop over to the wine country.  While we were there we became members at my favorite winery, Francis Ford Coppola(I'm hooked on their Merlot.)  What does this mean?  This means we'll have even more corks and bottles coming and going in our household, which got me to thinking, yes - we "collect" the corks, but what can we do with the bottles?  If I start saving the bottles I will eventually look like a hoarder and we don't want that - but I can save a few here and there - ESPECIALLY - if I can find a purpose for them!  I started sifting through pinterest and here are some of the genius ideas that others have come up with.  The wheels are turning.  I'm getting inspired! 

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  1. Aunt Shirley12/04/2011

    Pretty Neat, Tiff!

  2. I love all of these! I think the votive may be my fav. I had Francis Ford Coppola Claret for the first time at Thanksgiving and am hooked! I'm now saving my bottles as well!

    We have a local vineyard here in NC called Bennett Vineyards and they have a red muscadine called "Blackbeard's Choice" which I am also a fan of... it's an easy drinking wine... what wine isn't easy drinking? ;-)

  3. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Ooooh neat ideas! Thanks for sharing this :)


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