My Valentine...

Here is a pic of me with my husband on our wedding day back in 2006.
He is my best friend, my prince charming and my Valentine...24/7, 365!

LOVE is on my mind - on this beautiful Valentine's Day.

I'm a blessed girl to have found true love.  
Unfortunately, a lot of people marry and 
live miserable lives with their "significant other".  
Thankfully, that is not the case for us.
We are a testament that you can have 
both a marriage & a happy life with each other.
In fact, it's quite easy for us and here is why:

1.  Christ is at the center of our marriage.

2.  We respect each other.

3.  We spend time together.

4.  We have fun together.

5.  We don't nag or nitpick.
FYI - that behavior is like a life-threatening disease to a relationship!
It makes both parties miserable.  Don't do it.

6.  We trust each other.

7. We don't talk bad about each other.  
I hate it when people do this about their spouse.
News flash: It's tacky and disrespectful.

8.  We both know that getting along with each other is WAY better than 
disagreeing with each other.  So we CHOOSE to get along.

....That being said....,

...We rarely argue, but we're human so naturally, 
there are times that we don't see eye to eye.

When this happens this is what we do...

1.  Talk about it - calmly.

2. Forgive and forget it - FOREVER. 
(No digging it back up later - that's not forgiveness.)

3.  Never go to bed mad at each other.

In a nutshell, that is why it works for us.  It's that simple.   
That is why we truly enjoy each other.
 I don't understand why people make it hard.  It doesn't need to be. 
Before I got married, a lot of people offered 
their "advice for a happy marriage".  
I got a lot of good advice, no doubt.  
I do however wish more people would follow their own advice. 
On this Valentine's Day & everyday I'm thankful for my husband. 
I view him as my gift from God.
L O V E - is a wonderful thing, thank you God for blessing me.

All You Need Is Love by Cirque Du Soleil on Grooveshark


  1. Amen to all of that! Especially numbers 5 and 7. Great words of wisdom, Tiffany. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

  2. Thanks Cassie! Have a happy vday! ;)


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