Me time

It feels like forever since my last blog post!  I've been a busy girl working on several graphic design projects, custom orders for The Paisley Tab, tending to my bees/harvesting honey, and traveling with my husband.  But, regardless of how busy we get in life,...It's always good to remember yourself once in awhile.  It's healthy and makes you a better person!  That being said, I've been carving out "me-time" lately and diving into a few books that I picked up from my local library.  (Side note:  I freak'n love the library!  I didn't utilize it for years and I wish I had!  I feel like I'm actually getting something back for my tax dollars!)

So what am I reading?
A closer look...
The Kind Diet, by: Alicia Silverstone

Why I'm reading these books...
The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking: .....I'm never going to be on one of the hit BRAVO "housewife" shows.  That is a guarantee.  When I picture a "home-maker", I imagine a frumpy, homely person....that I never want to be - but wait!  Hip-Homemaker - now we're talking.  When you pair the words Hip and Homemaking in the same title, I'm intrigued and willing to read on and that is just what I did.  Since becoming a "wife" - almost 6 years ago, I turned over a new leaf - in the kitchen at-least.  I suddenly got into cooking - which my husband loves, but homemaking goes beyond the kitchen.  So, I found this book to be pretty fabulous because its full of tips on storage/organization, uses for household items - such as distilled white vinegar, and instructions on how to fold a fitted sheet without going insane.....& more!  (Can't we all use advice on that last item!!)

Sewing In A Straight Line: .....Ever since I got back into sewing a few years ago, I love finding new books/tutorials....etc. for fun projects.  Even If I don't end up making anything from the books, I feel like I always get inspired to make something new.  My local library has tons of awesome books on sewing everything from clothes, gifts,....etc...etc.  So fun!  I'm hooked!

The Kind Diet: .....Over the years, my diet has taken a complete turn.  The foods at the grocery store disgusts me.  There is so much garbage in the packaged/processed foods, meats, dairy,....etc.  It's so wrong.  The food isn't real anymore.  ....& people wonder why they're getting sick and obese.  My way of eating first took a change after I saw the movie "Food Inc."  That was a huge eye-opener.  I immediately changed the way I was shopping and furthermore the way I was eating.  I cut out the crap - including my favorite: Diet Coke and added in healthy, organic food.  I recently watched the documentary "Forks over Knives" - and once again, it's got the wheels in my head turning....about what I'm eating.  What.....?  No Dairy, Meat, Eggs, Cheese? ....This makes things a little challenging - in my world of cooking.  So, I'm turning to the The Kind Diet for help.  Forks over Knives - encourages living a Whole food/Plant based diet. ....And that in turn will eliminate my risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  It will also, clear my skin, help my digestive system, and make me feel and look younger. ...It promises a lot - so I'm interested in finding out for myself! 
What are you reading these days? 

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