{ DIY Jewelry Display Frame }

Click image above for instructions 
on how to make your own jewelry display frame! 
{ DIY Fabric Covered Button: Ring, Tac, & Magnet }

{ DIY Felt Flower Pin }
What you need:
Felt, Hot Glue Gun, Button, Pin
How you make it:
Step 1:  Pick your felt pieces and cut out your flowers.
(You can use as many layers as you want.)
Step 2: Hot glue your felt layers together
Step 3: Hot Glue pin to back of bottom layer
Step 4:  Hot Glue or sew a button in center of front layer
Step 5: Attach to a hat, shirt, purse, jacket etc.

{ DIY Stocking Hat }

{ DIY Fall Wreath }

Click image above for instructions 
on how to make your own wreath! 

 { DIY 5 Minute T-shirt Necklace }
What you need:
t-shirt, scissors or rotary blade, & cutting mat
1. Trim shirt in 3/4" - 1" strips.
2.  Gather trimmed strips and lightly tug until strips begin to curl.
3. Optional: Keep out 1 strip, gather strips together.  Wrap all strips, tuck in the end. 

{ DIY Candle Tutorial }

How to make Limoncello

Italy is an amazing place. If you have never been - start planning a trip now - it is a place you MUST visit at some point in your life! The country has so much to offer in history, art, cuisine, shopping, etc. One discovery we made while we were there was Limoncello. It is some amazing stuff. Click above for the step by step instructions to show you how to make it!

DIY Invitation Sleeve:
Click image for the step by step instructions.

DIY at home manicure:

Pop sugar posted this wonderful tutorial for a professional manicure.  Follow these easy steps and you can get a gorgeous, Salon quality manicure without ever leaving the house.  Now, pocket that money, because you'll need it for a coffee later.

DIY Afro for a day:

I found this video... on and I'm dieing to try it.  I've always wanted to try an afro for a day...and this tutorial gives me all the instructions to do it.  I have naturally curly hair that I straighten everyday.  The problem is that my natural curls are lumpy and unattractive.  ... But if I could get the tight curl and overall poof without the chemicals of a perm...then bring it on!
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